Star Wars Chowder

Episode I: Out of Darkness, Part 4
Imperial Prison Blues

The group attempts to rescue Ergo Rohn. They attempt a distraction by blowing an explosive (saved from the batch given to them on Ryloth). Trey attempts to commandeer a land speeder and ends up making a big mess when he tries to slit the driver’s throat. Meanwhile Nils and Seraitha sneak into the small Imperial base and exchange shots with some of the guards remaining behind after the rest went to investiate the distraction. They manage to break Ergo Rohn out along with several other detainees. They make their way to the roof to escape to the stolen landspeeders. An APC full of stormtroopers arrives at that point, and an officer shoots Trey, seriously wounding him. He surrenders to Imperial custody and is subjected to “enhanced interrogations”.

Episode I: Out of Darkness, Part 3
Ryloth Shuffle

In order to get refueled the party accepts a job from local tough “Knife Crusher”. He asks them to demolish a building and “clean up” any survivors. When they set out to execute their plan, they find the building being used by the Rebel Alliance to help refugees. The party tells them they can get them off planet if they refuel their ship. They arrive on Coyn and Tyrol offers to hire them to rescue his bodyguard from the Empire.

Episode I: Out of Darkness, Part 2
Stranded on Ryloth

The party proceed to cleaning up the ship, finding Tyrol Blackmoor. The party found Tyrol, tied him up and found out he is the leader of the Elrood Hope Party. He promised Trey that he could help him find elements of the Centares Brotherhood, as elements of that group had been working with one of the crime lords in Elrood sector.

A Star Destroyer tracked the ship and they jumped to Ryloth, low on fuel… they found the tracking device, though. Next, they will need to negotiate for fuel. The ship will be on the Empire’s radar, now. However, it appears that the Empire has lost them since they ditched the transmitter on Ryloth.

Episode I: Out of Darkness
Part 1

Nils called to release the docking clamps, impersonating an Imperial Officer, at which point Overseer Brynn responded that an Imperial Shuttle was already landing and that she would “send them right over”.

Kellen dispatched Trex and left him to die.

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