Elrood Sector

Elrood sector is a backwater corner of the Metharian Nebula Territories region of the Empire. The sector is fairly isolated and even today, millennia after the area’s initial colonization, large tracts of the sector remain unexplored.



Elrood sector was settled long ago, with its economic development fueled by mining ventures. However, the “boom days” are long gone. In recent years, the sector has fallen on hard times, with most planets trading only with other worlds in the sector. This area is held by the Empire and the sector’s citizens are extremely fearful of Imperial reprisals and crackdowns.


Elrood-Derilyn Trade Run

The Elrood-Derilyn Trade Run (or E-D run) links the major worlds of Elrood sector. With the Imperial crackdown on Derilyn, Elrood’s residents seldom venture beyond Torina.

The Drift

The Drift is a huge stellar gas cloud that presents a major hazard to hyperspace navigation. No routes are known through the Drift and any ships daring (or foolish) enough to venture through the gas clouds must make a series of small hyperspace jumps to have any chance of passing through safely.

Imperial Interdicted Space

When Derilyn was placed under martial law, the space around the system was also restricted: it is now known as “Imperial Interdicted Space.” The area, which runs from the edge of Torina system to well past Derilyn, is heavily patrolled by Imperial warships. Any civilian vessels wishing to enter the area must first gain a Derilyn Travel Wavier from the Imperial Navy.

Notable Planets

Notable planetary systems of the sector include: Almaran, Berea, Bodrin, Coyn, Dega, Derilyn, Elrood, Halbara, Kidron, Korad, Kuras, Merisee, Osirrag, Tifnyl, Torina.

Elrood Sector

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